This is a simple vanilla Minecraft server hosted on atrocious.horrific.dev.

Joining the Server

If you have not been invited, you need to contact an existing
member to request an invitation. This server is not open to the
public, and access is not guaranteed.

Once your request to join the server has been accepted, you can
log into the server from the Minecraft Java Edition title screen
by clicking "Multiplayer", then "Add Server", and entering
"minecraft.horrific.dev" as the server address.

Note: the server is currently running version 1.16.5.

Plugins & Datapacks

The server has a few small modifications to make the game a bit
more interesting to play. However, we will not install any plugins
that change the world generation or core gameplay in order to make
it easier to update the world to new Minecraft versions.

* MultiRequests (/tpa commands, etc)
* Chairs (right click on stair blocks with an empty hand to sit)
* SafeSpectate (`/spectate` command to toggle spectator mode)
* WeatherRestrictions (prevents thunderstorms as they happen far too frequently)
* SAML (Simple Anti-Mob Lag) (prevents excessive TPS drops from large mob farms)
* DiscordSRV (connects in-game chat to our discord channel)

* single-player sleep (vanillatweaks.net)
* double shulker shells (vanillatweaks.net)
* more mob heads (vanillatweaks.net)
* player head drops (vanillatweaks.net) - modified: only drops when the player is being roasted over a fire
* wandering trades - blocks only (vanillatweaks.net)
* nether portal coords (vanillatweaks.net) - `/trigger nc_inNether` or `/trigger nc_inOverworld`
* coordinates hud (vanillatweaks.net) - `/trigger ch_toggle` to show coords
* track raw statistics (vanillatweaks.net)
* AFK display (vanillatweaks.net)
* bac_advancements (BlazeandCave)


It should go without saying that this is just a game - it's
meant to be fun for everyone, not taken too seriously.
However, this does not mean that we are exempt from real-world
issues, so some genuine community guidelines are in order...

In short, the following is a list of activities/language that
will not be tolerated here:
* malicious comments about race, ethnicity, gender, or religion
* xenophobic/violent nationalism
* general bigotry or harassment
* implicit or explicit advocacy for any of the above

As a member of this server, you trust us to enforce these
guidelines upon the community. In return, I ask that you take
it upon yourself to enact them, and work to make this server a
fun and inclusive place.


Instances of behavior that violates this code of conduct may be
reported to conduct@horrific.dev.

All complaints will be reviewed promptly and fairly. Moderators
are obligated to respect the privacy and security of the
reporter of any incident.