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Useful Things includes many small non-breaking modifications to the game, such as resource packs that subtly change block/item textures.

Fabric is a Minecraft mod loader/toolchain that allows other plugins to be added to your client:

  • Krypton improves Minecraft's networking performance and uses the system zlib on Linux
  • Sodium is a replacement rendering engine focused strictly on performance.
  • LambDynamicLights adds various dynamic lighting effects.
  • Enhanced Block Entities replaces block entities (such as chests) with static block models to improve performance
    • caveat: the chest open/close animation flickers a bit when swapping models
  • Ok Zoomer adds an optifine-like zoom key
  • Camera Utilities allows more specific camera repositioning, detaching, and other features.
  • ShulkerBoxTooltip provides a preview of shulker box contents when viewing them in the inventory.